Contract Assay Services 

Video, 2015

STEMCELL Technologies video team does all sort of projects including photography, video production and motion graphics. In this video I edited raw footage to create an engaging story that describes one of the company’s scientific department. Additionally, my role was to adjust color correction, mix music and overlay lower thirds.

Little Mountain Film

Video, 2011-2014

Since 2011 I’ve been helping David Vaisbord to shoot and edit footage, take stills and record sound for his social housing redevelopment documentary about local community.  It was invaluable experience that empowered me as storyteller.  The first time I’ve sat down with David to edit an hour long meeting to 10 minutes was challenging but eventually it gave me an opportunity to develop my skills in post production  — especially cutting down or converging to an essence of  a piece.

Big Print 2014

Video, 2014

Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada , August 2nd 3rd and 4th 2014 Those were 3 hot days on Granville Island where I had a chance to capture amazing action of printmakers from Vancouver. After the production was done the challenge was to to compile footage into a coherent storytelling piece.

Black Strathcona

Web series, 2014

“From the early 1900s to the late 1960s, the East Side neighborhood of Strathcona was home to Vancouver’s first and only black community. The ten video stories of Black Strathcona celebrate some of the people and places that made the community vibrant and unique.”


Black Strathcona is the educational multimedia project that conveys it’s message via web site, video clips and metal signs with QR codes installed in the area.

My job was to assist with creation of the brand identity as well as content, that included: logo, web site design, graphic design for interactive banners, video production and editing.

Parallax Films

Web site design, Video, 2015

My role was to re-design and develop corporate web site, edit demo reel as well as assist with video editing for “Bahama Blue” series.

When redesigning it is essential not invent a wheel, but to direct content by applying existing branding elements (such as fonts, colors, images and copy).  Primarily I’ve built information architecture and mapping of the site as well as customized the layout with WordPress. In the beginning, it was challenging to organize all projects that Parallax created through years, but at the end of the day, I chose a theme to work with and used company’s content to modify it according to the brand guidelines.

Nikkei Stories

Graphic Design, 2015

The project is the continuation of Black Strathcona web series. However, Nikkei is about history of Japanese community around Vancouver area. My role was to design map and graphics for physical banners placed in the area as well as for box art to stream online on Telus network.

Chattered Clock

Motion Graphics, 2012

The Order in Chaos clock measures time by animating the relationship between order and chaos.

My goal was to create a promo video and animation for clocks that are designed by Igor Barbashin and Daria Volokhova. I used 3D graphics, stop motion animation and music to translate real world experience of the art piece.